If you have ever dreamt of flying, now you can do it in an easy and safe way by practising paragliding.

The air adventurers could not hope for anything better than Oia. From mounts O Castro and Corbelo you can feel the art of flying and enjoy nature at its best.

Taking advantage of the thermal and dynamic currents, with the glider – more silent than the engine flight – you will feel an abundance of unique sensations that will remain with you forever. Silence, freedom and adventure.

But you don’t need to be an athlete to fly. In the air we are all the same and there are no barriers to be able to experience the feeling of being alive. Contrarily to what many think, it isn’t a risky sport. Technology has also reached the air and the flights are done in a comfortable two-seater, with an instructor equipped with a mobile phone, radio, airbag, emergency parachute and radio, ensuring the safety of the beginner.

And for those who do not dare practising this sport, they can always enjoy the spectacular view those bird-people provide from up in the air, or go up the mountain and discover in situ the secrets behind the preparations for this peculiar way of travelling.

Come on, go for it! Once you try it you will want to do it again!




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